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CAAPS Bio-Active Cleaner

CAAPS is a bio-active cleaning powder, made for tougher, more stubborn to remove petroleum oil stains. CAAPS is used with water. For stains that are very difficult to remove, it is recommended that CAAPS be applied first, before applying ReKRETE.

CAAPS contains a combination of various surfactant molecules to obtain perfect HLB (Hydrophilic-Lypophilic Balance) value as well as ionic charges specifically designed to target stubborn petroleum stains and food grease and works well on a broad range of surfaces including concrete, tiles, linoleum, exhaust hoods, filters, metal, stainless steel, and most painted surfaces.

The collection of bio-active degrading ingredients in CAAPS is key for the effective removal of tough grease stains. Petroleum oil is a complex mixture and some of its components are highly difficult to degrade. CAAPS utilizes bio-active ingredients to accelerate the rate of petroleum degradation, as a result of which sewage system, sea water and soils are protected from the contamination of petroleum oil.

CAAPS does not cause harm to sewage systems or the natural environment. It allows for effective cleaning without compromising the natural environment.

Use of Directions

For stubborn oil and grease buildup, apply solution evenly over oil buildup. Work solution into buildup with wire brush and continue to scrub back and forth until it gels. Sweep up gel and lightly rinse off area with water.

Cleaning Application CAAPS Cleaner
Mixing Ration
Light Cleaning 1 : 32 30 g (1 scoop) of CAAPS per 1 liter of water
Medium Cleaning 1 : 16 60 g (2 scoops) of CAAPS per 1 liter of water
Heavy Cleaning 1 : 8 120 g (4 scoops) of CAAPS per 1 liter of water
Extra Heavy Oil Build-Up 1 : 4 240 g (8 scoops) of CAAPS per 1 liter of water

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