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ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner

ReKRETE concrete cleaner is a unique product that allows for easy removal of petroleum stains without the use of water. The product comes in the form of a dry, finely granulized powder, integrated with active cleaning agents and chemically engineered bio-organics designed to effectively breakdown hydrocarbon petroleum matter without the use of water as a carrier, catalyst, or neutralizing agent. There is no need for any application of water before, during, or after the cleaning process.

ReKRETE works with its own specific gravity by penetrating deep into the pores of the concrete where petroleum-based stains are trapped. ReKRETE then breaks down the hydrocarbon chain of the petroleum stain. Once the chain is broken, ReKRETE decomposes and dissolves the hydrocarbons with bio-organic compounds that actually consume the stain.

ReKRETE makes cleaning concrete easy. Simply apply ReKRETE to the stained concrete and leave it. There is no need for power scrubbing, power washing, or the usage of water reclamation equipment. Due to the bio-organics in the ReKRETE formular, it is regarded scientifically as a 'time driven' process whereby significant improvement is clearly visible within 24 hours of ReKRETE's application.

ReKRETE is an environmentally friendly product. Since it completely eliminates water from the cleaning process, there is no liquid residue or wastewater to contaminate the environment. The main by-product of ReKRETE is carbon dioxide.

ReKRETE is non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-toxic to humans, animals, plants, soil, metals, paint, concrete, storm drains, sewer systems, or underground water.

Use of Direction

Step 1

Pour ReKRETE in a 5 cm (2 inch) wide by 90 cm (36 inch) long line. ALWAYS start in the CENTER of the stained area or drip zone.

(If stained area has heavy oil buildup we recommend pre-treating the area with CAAPSto remove surface oil, allowing ReKRETE to penetrate the pores of the concrete more effectively.)

Step 2

Keeping the 90 cm (36 inch) applicator flat on the ground, spread ReKRETE length-wise down the center of the stained area. Once you reach the end, circle around and continue spreading ReKRETE in a circular pattern (circle around for 3 full circles).

Step 3

Using the 90 cm (36 inch) ReKRETE applicator now spread across or width-wise twice until entire area is evenly applied with ReKRETE. At this point, the oil stains should be turning white.

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