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The Problem

It is well known that as little as one quart of oil can contaminate 100,000 gallons of drinking water. Similarly, each time it rains, hydrocarbon petroleum material is being washed off of concrete surfaces as "run-off" finding it's way into the natural environment.

Failed Attempts

Up until now well intentioned manufacturers of commercial liquid cleaning chemicals, solvents, and degreasers have been manufacturing products designed to emulsify and solubilize oil, grease, gasoline and along with very large quantities of "rinsing water" and power equipment provided a solution for cleaning concrete.

Unfortunately, this process creates contaminated toxic waste-water that finds its way into soil, storm drains, sewer systems, underground watersheds, and into much larger bodies of water where organic life is being negatively impacted. Environmental regulations have been enacted in most states establishing severe penalties for willful violators and occasionally, unaware property owners, that they are responsible for exterior property maintenance cleaning, and the disposal of contaminated waste water.

The Solution

ReKRETE WATERLESS Concrete Cleaner.

  • ReKRETE requires no water to clean. That means there is no waste water run off during cleaning
  • ReKRETE uses nature's own bio-chemistry to break down the hydrocarbon of the oil and turn it into CO2
  • ReKRETE is fast, easy to use and effective while remaining friendly to humans, plants and animals
  • ReKRETE is a sub surface cleaner not a surface cleaner like liquid degreaser that only break apart the oil on the surface to enable the oil to be rinsed away with water into our water supplies
  • ReKRETE has the GREEN Label of approval for use. Click on the Green Label log to the left for more information

Awarded to goods which meet the requirement of the HKGLS code no. GL-003-006

License no: HK 02048 (ReKRETE)
License no: HK 02049(CAAPS)

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