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ReKRETE is ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, and any parking structures/garages or anyone who has oil and grease stained concrete.

  • ReKRETE will eliminate those ugly stains that vehicles leave on a daily basis.
  • ReKRETE is easy to apply and safe to walk on or drive on immediately after application.
  • ReKRETE is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • ReKRETE does not require water so there is no oily waste water run off.
  • ReKRETE is a fine granulized natural compound that enters into the pores of the concrete and breaks down the hydro carbon chain and then dissolves with in the pores of the concrete.
  • ReKRETE is a SUB SURFACE cleaner.
  • Liquid type cleaner and degreaser only clean the surface leaving oil trapped in the pores.
  • Power washing also only cleans the surface. Power washers usually use 3,000 psi of water pushing down and try to pull up out of the pores.
  • The pores in the concrete are roughly the same size as the pores of your skin. You can't use 3,000 pound per square inch of water and pressure forcing it down into the pores of the concrete and expect to completely remove the oil in the pores of the concrete. There are over 20,000 pores per square foot of concrete.

Awarded to goods which meet the requirement of the HKGLS code no. GL-003-006

License no: HK 02048 (ReKRETE)
License no: HK 02049(CAAPS)

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