If you have oil stained concrete and want it clean... you need ReKRETE!

ReKRETE waterless concrete cleaner is fast and easy. The entire stain is removed from within the concrete pores without power equipment or water, and with a natural by-product of CO2, there's no hazardous chemicals or run-off.

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In order to remove stubborn petroleum stain, you may apply CAAPS first!

CAAPS is a bio-active powder detergent. It not only can break down petroleum stain but also various types of grease build-up. In addition, CAAPS itself is unharmful to either the sewage system or our natural environment. It achieves the goal of both effective cleaning and environmental protection.

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ReKRETE and CAAPS are better products to protect your environment, your natural resources and your further generation.

Awarded to goods which meet the requirement of the HKGLS code no. GL-003-006

License no: HK 02048 (ReKRETE)
License no: HK 02049(CAAPS)

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